High School Graduating Senior Competitive Scholarship

The Evergreen School District
Grace Kirschner Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship has been established to honor the memory of former Evergreen resident Grace Kirschner.

Evergreen School District #50 is committed to serving the Evergreen area, supporting education for all students, and respectfully memorializing outstanding Evergreen citizens, such as Mrs. Grace Kirschner. 

Graduating High School Senior

The scholarship amount is for $1,000, to be given to one Flathead High School and one Glacier High School graduating senior. This scholarship is a one-time non-renewable award.

Scholarship Criteria:

All candidates for this scholarship must:

  • Be an Evergreen Junior High School graduate and have attended Evergreen for at least one full year.

  • Complete the attached scholarship application.

  • Be a Flathead High School or Glacier High School graduating Senior.

  • Have a 3.0 GPA (out of 4.0) or above.

  • Submit a 7th semester High School Transcript.

  • Submit two letters of recommendation from Flathead High School or Glacier High School    

  • staff members (cannot be a member of applicant’s family).

  • submit a one page essay indicating:

    • your current and future plans,

    • career goals, and

    • participation in civic activities.

  • Have plans to attend a college or university or a vocational or two year college.

  • Return applications postmarked by February 28.

Award Criteria:

This scholarship will be awarded based on the scholastic background and ability to do post-secondary work, the need for financial support, and the amount of assistance a student is presently receiving toward college. 

Scholarship will be made payable to the institution in the student’s name and can only be used for a student’s college/university fees, books, tuition, and/or room and board.

Presentation of award will be made at Flathead and Glacier Scholarship Nights. Each scholarship will be awarded without regard to race, gender, creed, religion, age, national origin, or disability.

Scholarship Application


Date of Birth:________________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________  

Phone number: ______________________________________________________________

Father’s name: ___________________________________         Occupation: ____________________________________

Mother’s name: __________________________________        Occupation: _____________________________________

During what grades did you attend at Evergreen Junior High School?

_____ 5th ____ 6th    ____ 7th   _____ 8th  (Check all that apply)

How long have you been a resident of Flathead County? ______________________________

Where do you plan to attend college? __________________________________________________________________                             _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Have you already been accepted to a college or university?  Circle:    Yes        No

What field of study do you plan on pursuing in college? _____________________________________________

(Example: Business, Education, Art, Music, etc.).

What career(s) do you plan on pursuing after college?

a. _____________________________________________                     b. _______________________________________

List any honors or distinctions you have been awarded as a student. (Please attach an additional page if applicable)

____________________________________________________              ___________________________________________________

____________________________________________________              ___________________________________________________

Describe the civic and/or extracurricular activities in which you have been involved. (Please attach an additional page if applicable)




List any offices you held during high school.

_______________________________________                      _________________________________

_______________________________________                      _________________________________

Do you have any work experience?  Circle one:    Yes        No

If yes, please describe your work experience below.



Are you presently or will you be the beneficiary of any other scholarship or grant? 

Circle one:  Yes          No

If yes, please list the scholarship(s) or grant(s) below:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please state any other factors that you feel are important for the committee to know when making a decision in the awarding of this scholarship._________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

This application must be accompanied by an official school transcript, two letters of recommendation, and a one-page essay indicating your current and future plans, career goals, and participation in civic activities.

Applicant’s signature: ___________________________________    Date: _____________________

Parent’s signature: _____________________________________    Date: ______________________

Application must be post marked by February 28.