About Evergreen Junior High School

Evergreen Junior High Entrance

Evergreen Junior High is located at 20 West Evergreen Drive in Kalispell, Montana. Our school hours are from 8:30 am -3:30 pm daily. Our enrollment is roughly 310 student’s grades fifth through eighth. We offer many extra-curricular activities including 7/8 football, 7/8 volleyball, 5-8 basketball, 1-8 cross country, drama, ACE and 5-8 student leadership. Our mascot is the fierce Wolverine. Our fifth graders are in self-contained classrooms, only leaving their homeroom teachers for specials (PE, Library, Music and Computer), and interventions/extensions. Our students transition to multiple classrooms starting in sixth grade. By seventh and eighth grade our students transition through 8 different classes each day. All students at Evergreen Junior High will receive standards-based scores on their report card. For some parents this may be new. Please see the main Junior High School webpage for information regarding standards-based grading. or stop by the office and speak with Mrs. Anderson. She would LOVE to help you understand how our grading system works!