Below is a list of some of the additional supports and services offered in the Evergreen School District. 

Evergreen Cares Clinic Evergreen Cares Clinic, a school-based health clinic, is an outreach program of Greater Valley Health Center (GVHC). GVHC provides medical and behavioral health services to staff, students (with parental consent), and students’ families. Patients may receive these services without giving up their own primary care doctor, or they may use the clinic as their primary care provider. When: Mondays 1:00-5:00 p.m. and Thursdays 8:00–11:30 a.m. More Information: Evergreen Cares Clinic or 406-607-4900

Breakfast and Lunch at No Cost Evergreen School District is a Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) district providing meals at no cost to all Evergreen School District students. CEP is a special school meal funding option of the National School Lunch Act that enables schools to provide these meals to all students at no cost. When: Daily More Information: Joan Jepsen at 406-751-1111

Tutoring Support Individual teachers may provide before and after school support to address academic challenges.  Please contact your child’s teacher.

 ACE - Academic Enrichment Program Achieving Content Extensions (ACE) is our District’s program for gifted and talented and high achieving students. High achieving students or students who are showing an aptitude in a verbal or nonverbal area are recommended for gifted and talented testing. Students involved in the ACE program use meeting times to extend their skills and content knowledge through a personalized learning approach.  When: Thursdays after School More Information: East: Cliff Thorsen at 406-751-1121; Junior High and Crossroads: Cynthia Thorsen at 406-751-1131

Kalispell Heart Program "Heart Locker" The HEART Locker is a facility that acts as a “store” to receive donated clothing, hygiene products, bedding, and school supplies. It is only open to students, at NO cost to them. It is open to all students in our District, and the only rule is to take what you need and use what you take. When: Tuesdays and Wednesdays 3:00-6:00 p.m. or by Appointment More Information: Kalispell Heart Program or 406-751-3630

Boys and Girls Club The Evergreen Boys and Girls Club is a safe and engaging place to go after school. They pride themselves on exposing youth to opportunities they may not have during the regular school day or at their homes. Activities include STEM projects, arts and crafts, sports and recreation, community field trips, and community service days. When: Daily After School More Information: Evergreen Boys and Girls Club Welcome Letter, Member & Parent Handbook and the Evergreen Boys and Girls Club Membership Application or 406-892-2697

BackPack Program (provided by Montana Food Bank Network)  This program provides bags filled with food that are child-friendly, non-perishable, and easily prepared at home. BackPack bags are discreetly distributed to children on the last day before the weekend or school holiday to ensure that children have enough to eat when away from school meals. When: Weekly More Information: East: Michelle Mitchell at 406-751-1121 Junior High: Lorien Cortez at 406-751-1131 Crossroads: Dan Anderson/406-751-1141

Fitness Team Evergreen Fitness Team is a fitness program for students in grades 3-8. Sessions take place at our Junior High School and feature activities including an obstacle course, basketball, ultimate football, sabaki ball, climbing wall games, human foosball, scooter games, and noodle games, to name a few. When: Summer (and sometimes other school breaks) More Information: Fitness Team Program Information or Ross Darner at 406-751-1131

Summer Programs  Programs will be offered to students based upon individual education plan (I.E.P.) needs.  The need for extended school year services are discussed at each I.E.P.

Summer Food Program No Kid Hungry Montana, in partnership with Kalispell Public Schools, including Evergreen School District, offers free lunches for anyone 18 years and younger. When: Summer For More Information: Joan Jepsen at 406-751-1111 or Michelle Mitchell at 406-751-1121 

Please use the contacts listed above or reach out to your child's school if any of these additional supports and services may be helpful to you.